We deliver a variety of courses, each one customised to meeting the particular needs and aspirations of the client, while providing an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to building confidence and empowering the participants.

Media Training Workshops: Coaching in "on air" situations. Practical exercises in TV and Radio interviews take place on your own premises in a variety of simulated situations - in studio, on location, or remote down-the-line interviews. Performances are recorded on camera, viewed and analysed, and constructive feedback given.

Communication Skills Workshops: An introduction to the basic skills required to develop an effective external and internal communication policy. Experience has proved these workshops to be a platform for identifying Key Messages of the organisation, developing Team Understanding and clarifying strategies for Setting Goals.

Media Literacy workshops: Developing the ability & techniques to maximise communication by recognising, accessing, understanding and creating opportunities in broadcast, print and contemporary digital media. Strategies are also offered for Crisis Management.

Presentation Training: Tailor-made courses for individuals or small groups, seeking to build confidence and develop skills to ensure achievement of personal or corporate goals through use of effective presentation.

Mentoring: Helping individuals to identify their personal goals, develop achievable targets and agree key steps while giving support throughout.

Conferences: The organisation, facilitation and chairing of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Production: We supply the complete package: DVDs and CDs: devising content to filming, editing, scripting & finalising the product.